WE have yet to learn the lesson because History continues to repeat itself.

Unless and until Truth is remembered for what it is, WE will continue to suffer as a result. History repeats itself to force US (Human BEings) to face Truth but Denial is what keeps fear locked in place.

Mental health is a serious issue that must be addressed or WE (Human BEings) will continue to deal with the aftermath – which is never good. Continuing to turn a blind eye to the main problem, fear, expecting Real change is called insanity. Unless and until the mind is changed  – by first recognizing Truth for what it is, then by accepting Truth for what it is – Pain and Suffering is to be expected.

Crisis creates growth for those that have been “cracked  open” to Life by Surrendering to what is because the Pain is too much to bear. It is always at this point of Surrender that Real change is made considering Clarity comes from Surrendering to what is. Continuing to deny what is causes further Suffering because at some point, Truth will be dealt with in that Truth never changes.

Truth is, WE (Human BEings) are LOVE manifested in the physical, human form. WE forgot this and was taught the complete opposite which explains where fear comes from. The moment Truth is remembered for what it is, Peace is experienced (even for just a brief moment) until fear once again takes its place in the mind and Suffering returns as a result.

Because Truth will never change, there is Hope however because Truth requires acceptance in order to experience the Peace it brings, the mind must first change and let go of fear so Real change can take place. Real change requires Clarity otherwise fear will creep back in to cause and maintain chaos and conflict. WE (Human BEings) must wake up and realize WE are all we have and because WE are LOVE, We are all we need! Peace



Me/Us first, is the problem.

Unless and until WE (human BEings) remember Truth, Peace will continue to be something worth fighting for yet it will never be achieved through fighting. History has repeated this lesson over and over for thousand of years but because ego continues to control the mind, the point continues to be missed and WE (human BEings) continue to suffer.

The idea that Peace can be achieved is the first misconception considering Peace is a state of BEing. It takes place first in the mind and is then experienced. Peace of mind is returned to its natural state once Truth is first recognized then accepted for what it is not what it should or could be.

Truth is only LOVE is Real – everything else is made up by ego which explains why none of it makes sense. Ego on the other hand will continue to cover up Truth with fear as long as WE (human BEings) continue to turn a blind eye to what is innate but just forgotten (LOVE).

Denial is an insidious disease which seems to protect yet causes much harm because Truth is what it is whether its accepted or not. Because only Truth is True, it will be faced and dealt with at one point or another and too often, its done forcefully. It is at this point the choice to Surrender and accept Truth for what it is and experience the freedom Peace brings or continue to fight what is and fight for Peace too.

Peace of mind comes from remembering WE (human BEings) are LOVE. When this Truth is accepted for what it is, the need to put yourself before anyone else will no longer be. Because only LOVE is Real, there is no threat considering nothing Real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists.

Remember who You are and experience the freedom of Peace that surpasses all understanding. Because Peace is a choice, you either keep it or give it away, it can’t be taken from you. That’s just another lie made up by ego.

Remember Truth and BE LOVE so to continue to experience Peace. There is no ego in this equation which is the very reason it is guaranteed to work every single time. Peace

The point where it ALL matters.

Because Truth has been forgotten, too many are caught up and lost in the physical plain, distracted by the Past. Reliving it by keeping its memory alive, ex., “We will never forget 911…”, “I can forgive but I will never forget”, etc.

Fear of what the Future holds becomes burdensome which causes stress and anxiety, when in fact, the Future does not exist (except in the mind). To come to the realization of Truth requires the willingness to accept what is! From this point anything is possible because it takes Clarity to successfully put forth a plan that makes sense.

Just like an athlete becomes laser focused and gets “in the zone” to perform at his/her best, so too must WE (human BEings) get “in the zone” of BEing. Presence is required in order to BE fully in the moment, NOW. Otherwise one will continue to be tortured by the mind either stressing about the Past (which will never change) or worried about the Future (which will never come – accept as the Present moment, NOW).

The moment Truth is remembered for what it is, Reality, the ability to accept Reality/Truth comes with the experience of Peace that sets you free.  It is the choice to either accept or deny Truth that brings with it either Pain and Suffering or Peace (of mind).  Because Truth is what it is, belief does not apply but acceptance on the other hand makes all the difference considering acceptance, not belief is where the possibility of positive change begins.

Remember Truth, You are LOVE. Because Truth has never and will never change, there is nothing (new) to be taught – yet Truth is too often forgotten. To recognize Truth, first within you, is to heal the mind of incessant thoughts about the Past  and Future. To accept Truth – You are LOVE – is to realize the efficacy of the Power of LOVE. Once realized, fear dissipates because only LOVE eliminates fear.

BE Present. BE Still. BE Love. BE Peace. Peace

Ego is still – and will ALWAYS be the problem.

Unless and until Truth is remembered for what it is (LOVE,) ego will continue to be the root cause of any/all conflict. It is only when Truth is forgotten, that ego interjects; first by distractions then with fear.

The “trick” is simply to always bring the mind back to Truth. Although this task is simple, it is far from easy. Ego would like you to continue to believe Time is what it takes to resolve conflict however because only Truth sets you free, there is no Peace without Truth.

Too many believe removing oneself from “toxic” people and/or situations is how Peace is gained but Truth of the matter is your response (not reaction) to every situation is what maintains and/or reestablishes Peace.

There must be a pause i.e., stillness that occurs in order to recognize the right decision to make in every situation. The first right decision is to always first pause. It is the space of stillness that offers – never imposes – the only right answer. A pause, however brief, is how Truth can be recognized yet acceptance of Truth is how “freedom” is experienced.

Because Truth is not of this world, it has nothing to do with Time.  Because ego is on borrowed Time, it doesn’t have Time to waste which explains why Shame and Regret are the results of making the wrong decision whenever ego is involved.

Let us (ALL of mankind) remember who WE are, LOVE, expressed in the physical and [very] temporary human form. Because only LOVE is Real, anything other than LOVE is, without fail,  a cry for LOVE because LOVE has simply been forgotten. Remember this and the enticing fragrance of needing to “protect” your image/reputation by retaliating (which always involves ego and always ends in conflict,) will be less and less effective.

Let us not continue to suffer in Denial of what WE know is Real and the only way to Peace – LOVE. Ego has no place here. Ego has done enough damage, don’t you think? Be You, BE LOVE. Peace


“Time’s Up” because the Time is NOW.

This is yet another moment in Time where History is repeating itself because the lessons that have come in the Past have yet to be learned and understood. What is believed to be the right, noble, just thing to do, is never forget what happened. As if keeping that moment alive by memorializing  it will prevent it from happening again.

Truth is, until and unless WE (human beings) wake up and realize it’s Time for change, the possibility of progress will continue to be something to work towards and/or hope for. The good news is there is a shift in energy that is taking place and the blanket of silence and shame is finally coming off!

Because Blame is a complete waste of Time and the Time for  positive change is always NOW, we are witnessing positive change. One exciting example is the 2018’s unprecedented surge of female candidates. This is the result of better choices being made by those that refuse to let History continue to strike blows that at best may cause a bit of inconvenience or at the very worst, totally devastate lives.

What we’re dealing with today are human rights issues and the piece that must be remembered is: because someone has the right to do something, doesn’t make it the right thing to do. WE (human beings) must be reminded that WE are ALL in this TOGETHER. Unless and until we acknowledge and accept this fact, pain and suffering will continue to lead to war and death because fear is behind it ALL.

Because WE are human BEings, WE have the right to BE what/whoever. Coming back to basic mutual respect for one another (regardless of race, religion, gender, political party, sexuality, class, ethnic background, disability, etc.) is the first step toward learning from the Past while growing and flourishing through its lessons.

The Time is NOW. Peace

Ego is the root cause of ignorance and arrogance.

Whenever ego is involved, conflict and drama is unavoidable. Rather than focus on ignorance and arrogance which comes from ego, the most effective thing to do is remember Truth. When Truth is remembered, the urge to defend, lash out, and/or even try to make sense of what makes no sense, dissolves.

Only when Truth is remembered will the opportunity for growth and improvement be seen for what it is. Because only LOVE is Real, every situation is an opportunity for growth and improvement. The key is to not fall for ego’s tricks because although they make absolutely no sense, the damage left in the aftermath is never worth the time invested.

Because Truth has been forgotten, its Power is believed to hurt when in fact the opposite is True. Truth is, only LOVE is Real. Truth is nothing Real, LOVE, can threatened. Truth is, nothing unreal exists, its all made up by ego yet believed to be True.

Belief is part of the problem. Please understand, because something is believed to be True does not make it so. Truth is what it is whether it is believed or not. Truth is, WE (human beings,) are LOVE. Because only LOVE is Real, LOVE is in spite of ignorance and arrogance, etc. LOVE can not be diminished by ignorance and arrogance, that’s ego.

When Truth (LOVE) is remembered, the opportunity for growth and improvement brings Healing. When Truth is forgotten, the same opportunity is interpreted, by ego, as an attack that deserves a counter attack. This simply continues the vicious and senseless cycle we see happening everyday!

Remember Truth, it sets you free.  Choose LOVE…every time all the time to experience the Peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace


Each one of us is greater than the worst thing we’ve ever done.

Because the Truth of who WE (human BEings) are has been forgotten, ego takes over using fear and makes up a false image as a shield of “protection”. When Truth is remembered, fear vanishes because what is Real can not be threatened and what is unreal does not exist (except in the mind where ego takes up residence but only when left vacant and unattended).

Another word for Truth is Reality and for Truth to be accepted, it must first be recognized (previously seen or known) for what it is and not what it should’ve or could be. One recognizes Truth through Surrender because Surrender is the path to accepting Truth.

Truth, the essence of who WE (human BEings) are, can be denied however Truth is what it is whether it is accepted or not. Contrary to what too many believe, Truth can not be lost because one can not lose who you are. Truth has always been and will always BE and acceptance of what is, is the only way Peace is reestablished.

Truth is, WE (human BEings) are LOVE. Because only LOVE is Real, everything else is made up by ego because of fear. Yes, WE (human BEings) are greater than the worst thing we’ve ever done which doesn’t define who WE are.

We are LOVE in spite of our actions. Actions are a mere reflection of what is happening in the mind. When the mind is returned to its right place by BEing in the moment (Presence), acceptance of Truth (Reality) is what brings Forgiveness for what was done (to you and/or by you) when the mind was left unattended.

Remember Truth. Remember LOVE. BE You. BE LOVE.






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