Humility comes from Consciousness where Pride comes from Ego.

Unless and until WE (the entire human race) return to the essence of our True nature, LOVE, Pain and Suffering will continue to be the consequences that come in the forms of Life challenges.

Because only LOVE is Real, Pain and Suffering ceases the moment Truth is accepted for what it is rather than what it “should/could” be. It is at this point Peace (of mind) is returned to its natural state of BEing.

To recollect the Power of LOVE is to remember Truth and Truth is, WE (the entire human race) are LOVE, experiencing Life temporarily in human (physical) form!

It is at this point that fear dissipates considering 1. there is no fear in LOVE and 2. because we are LOVE, there is no thing to fear.


Humility is found in LOVE when Present/Conscious which prevents humiliation as a result of Pride that comes from Ego.

Remember, the True essence of your spirit is LOVE temporarily experiencing Life on Earth.

Enjoy it! Peace


LOVE is the only way to Peace.

Life is a game. The ONE and only rule to the game of Life is to remember Who is in control (at ALL times,) otherwise, fear will take control. At which point, there is no control – considering to operate from fear means you’ve lost control.

The game of Life is played well when, particularly in moments of difficulty and/or uncertainty, its remembered Who is in control. 

The game is Won when, in those moments, room/space is made (by stepping back and letting go) for miracles to happen. 

Because miracles happen effortlessly when LOVE is the motivating factor, choose to BE LOVE and you’ve Won at the game of Life in spite of what your eyes and ears report. 

Because only LOVE is Real, fear does not exist (except in the mind). 

Because nothing Real can be threatened, LOVE does not attack. LOVE poses no threat. LOVE does not impose. LOVE does not threaten. LOVE causes no harm, ever!

Because LOVE is everything, it gives freely and willingly, expecting nothing in return.

At the end of it ALL, LOVE is all that matters.

Because you are LOVE, remember to consistently operate from only LOVE so Peace will continue to BE the experience of this lifetime.   Peace

Conditions change, LOVE does not.

Conditions are made by ego, out of fear. LOVE, on the other hand, is unconditional because it is what it is no matter the circumstance. When WE, the entire human race, remember Truth, “under one condition” will be a thing of the Past since there are no conditions when it comes to Truth. Truth is what it is and conditions do not change that.

Truth is, WE, mankind are LOVE, expressed temporarily in physical form as human BEings. Considering nothing Real can be threatened and only LOVE is Real, to be LOVE is to be fearless. For fear comes from ego, not LOVE.  Because WE are LOVE, there is no reason to fear another. We are simply a reflection of one another.

Do not continue to believe the lie made up by ego which poses as the guardian/protector against fear, for fear is of no other than ego. It is only LOVE that eliminates fear.

Choose to BE LOVE and all of what is feared will be no longer. This will then eliminate the need for conditions which are merely terms set for “protection”, due to a lack of trust which comes from ego out of fear.

LOVE is unconditional. YOU ARE LOVE. Remember this and Peace will be the experience that is not only indescribable but also attainable no matter the circumstance. Peace



Ego has its purpose and You do, too!

Only when WE (mankind) remember the True essence of BEing will our purpose become realized. Presence (of mind) is required in order to BE and Presence is always and only found in the present moment – NOW. Otherwise, life will continue to be lived without the presence of mind, lost in the Past (that no longer exists) or worried about the Future (which doesn’t exist). This way of thinking is  precisely where wrong choices are made (because of fear).

Because WE (human BEings) have forgotten the essence of our True nature does not in any way, shape or form, change the fact that WE are LOVE. Once this fact  is recognized for what it is (Truth,) fear vanishes because it can not stand the light of Truth. Truth sheds light on what ego keeps in the dark using its tool, fear, to disguise and misconstrue Truth.

Considering Truth is not of this world, only Truth stands the tests of Time because it is what it is (LOVE). Truth has never and will never change because its foundation is LOVE. Ego, on the other hand is on “borrowed” time (Past/Future) and you can’t get that back which explains why its story constantly changes and makes no sense. Decisions based on the Past will repeat the Past and decisions made worried about the Future will bring Regret. This is because everything apart from LOVE is not Truth but made up in fear by ego.

Truth can not be taught, it is simply accepted for what it is. Once LOVE is remembered for what it is, (ALL of US human BEings,) Peace (of mind) will be reestablished. Truth confirms where there is LOVE, there is no threat, meaning there is nothing to be afraid of considering only LOVE is Real. It’s been said “it takes Time” of which no one is guaranteed when in fact, acceptance is what it takes. Acceptance takes no Time at all, it’s simply a decision to suffer no more! Acceptance offers Peace while Denial insists on Suffering. The decision is yours. Just remember, you must be Present in order to choose wisely. Peace.

Because only LOVE is Real, nothing else matters.

Unless and until WE (human BEings) get back to BEing, what is made up by ego; using fear as its most effective tool, will continue to dictate each and every move. Because ego needs Time to remain relevant, Time is never spent in silence where Strength is regained and Peace is reestablished.

Once Truth is recognized for what it is, LOVE, fear dissolves because where one is, the other isn’t – they can not coexist. Considering only LOVE is Real, everything else is made up in fear by ego  bringing with it, Chaos and Confusion.

Because ego considers NOW its most dangerous threat, it remains in the PAST unable to let it go, in spite of the fact that the Past is just that, done and gone. The whole point of the Past is to learn the lesson(s) it brings. Otherwise not only will the Past, aka history continue to repeat itself, Suffering will play a role in forcing the issue of learning and growing from decisions made in fear. Because fear always comes with its buddy, Regret. And you won’t find Regret without Shame.

Shame and Regret come after the fact because ego will never allow the Time it takes to wake up and recognize Truth. To recollect Truth is to regain awareness which doesn’t take Time, it takes acceptance of what is, aka Reality. That can only happen in the NOW which explains why ego keeps the mind stuck in the Past, stressed and worried about the Future that doesn’t even exist, except in the mind where problems are made up in fear of what may happen.

Choose to remember Truth, YOU are LOVE so fear will dissolve into the nothingness it is.  Choose to live and stay in the NOW where endless possibilities are available and life is experienced with no Regret and no Shame. This is precisely because LOVE makes no mistakes. LET GO. LIVE LIFE. Peace

Because only LOVE is Real, it depends on nothing and/or no one.

Unless and until the True essence of our BEing (the ENTIRE human race) is remembered, fear in the form of attack, will continue to be the first reaction to any and everything.

Because ego’s main and constant goal is to cause and maintain Confusion and Conflict, it is always on the defense. Because fear is of ego, it remains on guard at all times causing problems where there are none.

Choose to remember what can never be taught, Truth. Truth is only LOVE is Real – everything else (racism, religion, sexism, class, groups, political party, gender bias, discrimination, etc.,) are forms of separation and is made up by ego which explains why they make no sense yet continues to cause so much damage. Separation is what ego uses to instill and set fear in the minds of those that have forgotten Truth.

Although Truth has been forgotten, the fact that WE, the ENTIRE human race is ONE with life itself remains True considering Truth does not change, ever.  This fact just needs to be remembered so its “miraculous” Power can flow freely and naturally. Choose to not block the flow of energy with fear but to allow LOVE to be the guide in challenging situations as well as the answer to each and every problem, question, doubt, etc. This way what was once seen as miracles will become a natural way of Life.

Recognize that only LOVE is Real for there is nothing to fear because nothing and/or no one can alter the nature of your True essence, LOVE. Remember this and Peace (of Mind, Body and Spirit) will been restored.  Peace

You ARE because I AM.

Because the essence of who you ARE has been forgotten, Truth has become unrecognizable, to you. Whenever one becomes identified with anything and/or anyone, a false self (ego) takes over and at some point or another, Confusion and later, Chaos, are expected to make an appearance. There will be reason to be feel offended, annoyed, hurt, betrayed, misled, misunderstood, etc., etc., etc.

Because only Truth is true any/everything other than Truth is made up which explains why it makes no sense. To ego, on the other hand, Chaos and Conflict makes perfect sense because to ego, Truth is always it’s problem and never it’s solution.

Peace of mind, Peace within comes from remembering the essence of our True nature – LOVE. Because WE (human BEings) are LOVE, manifested through physical form, there is nothing to fear, ever. Because only LOVE is Real, nothing unreal exists – its all made up (by ego).

Choose to remember LOVE because LOVE will always find a way to Peace considering LOVE is the only way to Peace.

BE still and remember, you are LOVE. Peace




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