Expectation and Acceptance

When WE (human beings) remember the True essence of our BEingness, Peace can be experienced – even for just a brief moment – however it is Acceptance of Truth that maintains Peace.

Because WE (mankind) have forgotten Truth, Confusion comes in to play considering what is made up (not True,) makes no sense which is where Confusion comes from.

Whenever Truth is forgotten, the only “damage” done is to self/ego because nothing and/or no one can stand up to Truth…at least not for ever!

Remember Truth – WE (human BEings) are LOVE. The wonderful thing about Truth is it has nothing to do with belief. Truth is what it is whether it is believed or not. Acceptance of Truth on the other hand, is where ALL expectations fall away considering ego expects, while LOVE is.

It’s time to return to our natural state (LOVE) and enjoy the experience of Peace (mind, body and spirit!) Peace







Do not be afraid. Be AWAKE!!!

When ego says “Don’t worry I’ll get you back!!”, LOVE says “because only LOVE is Real, there is no threat and therefore nothing to fear.”

Unless and until WE (human BEings) remember our True nature – LOVE, fear will continue to be interpreted as justification for anger, attack, betrayal, resentment, dishonesty, etc., instead of for the call for LOVE it Really is.

Because WE have forgotten LOVE, ego continues to take over and use fear to mask Truth. However because Truth has never and will never change, all it takes is the awareness of fear (in whatever form) for what it Really is – misguided and lost from Reality, to be released from its grip. It is there Peace is experienced which comes from accepting Truth (Reality) for what it is, not what its believed to be True.

Do not be fooled! ego uses the physical senses to trick the mind into believing what is being reported  is Real. This is because the mind has been confused into believing it is in control when in fact ego is the one running the (shit) show! This explains the need for “protection”.

Understand this vicious and senseless cycle, is because of fear that one needs “protection”. Recognize fear for what it is – nothing – and Truth will remind you LOVE can not be threatened because there is no fear in LOVE.

Remember this, WE are LOVE expressing itself through the body. In order to remember LOVE, WE must wake up NOW and stay AWAKE! Fear is out of control because WE have failed to realize fear is simply a call for LOVE. Respond in LOVE rather than react in fear and Healing will soon take the place of all this suffering. Peace

awake and unafraid


Because Truth has been forgotten, illusions are accepted as Truth and that is how Reality is replaced by insanity. Yet, because WE (human BEings) are LOVE, all it takes is the willingness to accept Truth for what it is considering Truth remains the same with or without acceptance.

Truth must be recognized because although it is Known, it has been forgotten which explains the senseless acts of violence and terrorism that continue to devastate and destroy. Suffering is the result of Denial considering any/everything other than Truth is made up by ego and if believed long enough will eventually bring regret in some form. This is what HELL seems to be like…hopelessness.

Reality is too often associated with pain and suffering because Truth has been brushed aside, passed over and flat out denied. However because Truth is, was and will always BE, it is Truth that offers the possibility of Hope and Healing which is the solution to pain and suffering. Hope and Healing is possible with the acceptance of what is, Truth.

Truth is, WE (human BEings) are LOVE. Accept this Truth in the face of fear and experience the Peace that surpasses all understanding. This is what HEAVEN seems to be like…LOVE, where ALL are Welcome! Peace


The mind, when left unattended long enough, is capable of causing unimaginable and senseless  horrors because its purpose is to serve.  It serves one of two masters – LOVE or fear, never both simultaneously considering two basic facts; 1. There is no fear in LOVE and 2. Because only LOVE is Real, and nothing Real can be threatened, there is nothing to fear.


The fact that WE (human BEings) have forgotten the True essence of our natural state, LOVE, fear continues to slip in and taken over the mind. Unless and until WE remember WE are LOVE expressed (temporarily)  through physical form, ego will continue to take control of the mind using its number one trick, fear.


Although it’s been established that fear is nothing (not Real,) just a trick made up by ego, its effects seem Real simply because Truth has been forgotten. What has been taught to believe is True is not True considering what has always been, is now and will always BE, can not be taught. Truth is Known which explains the Peace experienced, however brief, the moment it is first recognized then accepted. Denial is another trick ego uses to drape its heavy cloak of fear as its barrier to LOVE.


Remember Truth – WE (the entire human race) are LOVE and ALL of what was once feared will be exposed for the nothingness they really are. Because only LOVE is Real, and nothing Real can be threatened, choose to not continue to let what is reported on the news, posted on social media, printed in the newspapers, broadcasted on the radio, etc., allow fear to distract the mind away from Truth. We have seen more than enough of what the end result look like!


NOW is when to WAKE UP!!! There has been far too many wake up calls ignored by humanity which will continue to cause suffering unnecessarily – and all for nothing, fear. LOVE is the only answer, because there is nothing else. Only LOVE heals because only LOVE asks for nothing in return. Peace comes only from LOVE because where there is no fear, there is Peace.


Don’t believe what the eyes report or what the ears hear, they are mere distractions. Instead, WAKE UP, stay focused and remember what is Known but just forgotten – LOVE is the One and only answer to ALL chaos, conflict and confusion. BE LOVE in the face of fear. Peace




Life after Death

Because WE (human BEings) have forgotten who we are, we were taught to believe Life ends after Death. Belief can be dangerous because it makes matters true for you yet it may not be True in deed which explains the fear of Death.

Unless and until Truth is remembered then recognized for what it Really is rather than what it should’ve, could’ve or would’ve been, Suffering will appear in endless forms as a result of Denial. Denial, is the main cause of Suffering because it turns a “blind eye” to Truth and whenever Truth is forgotten, Suffering is not far behind.

Because Truth is what it isalways was and will always BE – there is nothing to teach considering Truth does not change, ever! Because Truth is not of this world, everything known as Truth is not Truth but just a cheap version of it made up by ego which explains the fear of Truth. We’ve been led to believe, by ego, that Truth hurts, when in fact the complete opposite it True – lies hurt, Truth heals.

Truth is, WE (human BEings) are LOVE, we simply forgot. Because WE (human BEings) are not of this world, Life does not end, PERIOD. Death is the end of birth, Life has no end because LOVE has no beginning and no end. As long as there is LOVE, there is Life and considering only LOVE is Real, there is nothing to fear.

Remember this, LOVE is fearless and Whole, needing or wanting nothing but to expand itself through the expression of the human experience. Time is never an issue when it comes to LOVE, because LOVE doesn’t depend on Time. Because Time is of this world, it is guaranteed to no one. In spite of this fact, unless and until WE (human BEings) are ready and willing to “die” to self aka ego, Life after Death will continue to a topic of discussion rather than the “BEST experience to be had!”

Die to self/ego and BE Life/LOVE. Peace



To “live by example” means there are no exceptions.

To BE an example, one must be consistent at ALL times. Otherwise confusion enters the picture, leaving room for conflict and chaos. When guided by Truth (aka LOVE,) the message is clear because Truth does not change, only the perception of it and therefore the interpretation of it does. This happens whenever Truth has been forgotten.

Truth is, only LOVE is Real. Everything else is made up by ego as a distraction from Truth which is then used as protection from what is not Real to begin with. It’s illogical because logic comes from what makes sense, of which ego has none. There are no exceptions in Truth because it applies to One and ALL. Because ego is loyal to nothing and no one, it rules by exceptions with no rhyme or reason (illogical).

Choose to remember Who You are, LOVE. LOVE in the form of a physical body. Contrary to what ego wants You to continue to believe, Truth is, You are not the body. When it comes to Truth, it is what it is whether it is believed or not. Because Truth stands on its own, it depends on nothing and/or no one yet in order to have and maintain Peace, it ALL depends on Truth. Without Truth/LOVE Peace will not last because Peace comes from Truth. Conflict and chaos come from lies and ego believes and tells lies.

The example WE (the entire human race, not just a select few) live by is either of LOVE or of the ego. One is exemplary because it Heals while the other is reproachable because it divides. LOVE Heals because only LOVE is consistent where ego makes it up as it goes along causing further pain and suffering. Because LOVE is not of this world, LOVE needs/wants nothing therefore LOVE asks and/or expects nothing in return. Because ego has no substance, it uses Time (Past/Future) to cause and maintain conflict and drama which guarantees division – ego’s one and only purpose.

Remember, You are LOVE then BE LOVE. Choose to LIVE an exemplary life by just BEing Truth/LOVE. The True essence of Your natural state is LOVE so just BE. Peace

Feelings change depending on the circumstance, LOVE remains the same in spite of the circumstance.

When the Truth about of who WE (human BEings) are is realized, fear will no longer have a place to hide. Truth remains the same when it is forgotten, unrecognized and even denied. 
Truth does not depend on anything or anyone to “defend” it because Truth stands on its own. Truth is True when it applies to ALL at ALL times. Because Truth is not of this world, it can not be taught. Truth is intrinsically within us ALL. We just forget that when challenged which difficult situations and fear takes over. 

The essence of OUR BEing (LOVE) remains forever intact and is accessed only when Truth is accepted for what it is and no longer what it ought to be. Feelings change depending on circumstances, LOVE does not. 
Remember Who you are, LOVE, and allow LOVE to guide you through this game called LIFE. Remember, because LOVE is not of this world, LOVE is not contingent upon matters of this world (ex., race, gender, sexual identity, sexual preference, age, cultural, criminal, political and/or religious background, belief, class, education, abilities/disabilities, etc.) because they do not matter!
Remember this and WE ALL WIN! Peace

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